Saturday in New Caledonia

Turtles, lighthouses and a lot of sand, say bonjour to the beautiful Amédée Island! Today the students spent an excursion day at Amédée island, where the students explored the great lighthouse, slithery snakes and delicious food of Tahitian culture.

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Friday in New Caledonia

Now ordering a meal in French was definitely a challenge for our French students today, because who knew there could be so many different prices for a kilo of bananas? In New Caledonia the prices are much more expensive than New Zealand, even for a bar of Cadbury’s chocolate! So the task of the students for the morning at Institue Voltaire, was to investigate the prices of New Caledonian fruits and vegetables at the markets and compare to our prices at home.

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Thursday in New Caledonia

After two big days of excitement Thursday rolled around quickly with the students starting off the day by visiting the Consulate General of New Zealand. The journey however took longer than expected as our navigation and mapping skills weren’t very good at leading us in the right direct. Yet after some time of exploring the interesting streets and receiving some help from the locals, we finally found the place.

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