The KBB Music Festival's evening awards ceremony for Big Bands and Symphony Orchestras was attended by Big Band leader Mr Cho. The Big Band's marvellous performance earned them a Silver Award from the judges and vocalist and trombonist Helen Pahulu and fellow trombonist Francis Lee are pictured above after receiving the award.


Special mention should go to Lorenzo Cruz (double bass & trumpet), Minju Kim (saxophone & cello) and Stella Kwon (violin & trombone), each of whom performed in all three of our fine young ensembles, this year.


All of our ensembles have had a little rest over the past couple of weeks, but Messrs Gibbs, Cho and Arthur have already selected new repertoire for 2018 and we will be starting all over again in the coming weeks, looking to learn, improve, play lots of wonderful music and have plenty of fun doing it.

Mr Stuart Gibbs