The production cast of 'Grease' has been together since the beginning of this year and has formed a tightly knit group. During the first week of the holidays, the cast had rehearsals which improved their technique and choreography for most of the dances and scenes.

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The day began with a late start where students were able to get some rest time to catch up on their Study Tour tasks and to put in the final practice of their Haka and Poi Dance performances. The mixed emotions of excitement, anxiety and curiosity were at the back of everyone’s mind as they looked forward to their school homestay and school exchange.

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Visiting Tsukuba City, Andrew Huynh is using his mind to direct the movement of the arm of a robotic suit. It utilises the brain’s electron pulses to send messages to the sensors on the robotic suit that he is wearing on his arm. It has amazing health applications.


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An evening stroll around Asakusa Sensoji Temple and a hearty walk by the Sumida River to the Sky Tree, the world's second tallest building, was a great start to our stay in Tokyo. The group enjoyed the cool breezy air and the quietness of the streets as the locals were settling in for the night.

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