Year 9 students have entered into a new phase in their life at the College. Having spent the past two years in the Year 7&8 homerooms in St Dominic’s Block with the same classroom teacher, they are now making a transition into the wider life of the College where they will come into contact with different teachers on a daily basis. Therefore, it is important that our Year 9s demonstrate the right attitudes in their relationships with others. The Year 9 Retreat was an opportunity to reflect on the Beatitudes and how they can be put into practice.

last supper

The painting of the Last Supper, is the work of a very talented artist, Giuseppe Maria Luigi Percivati. Pepe is a street artist from Turin who is dedicating the next ten years of his life to travelling the world, meeting new people and gifting his work in support of various charities. He is known as a Maddonaro in his country which is an art style traditionally seen through chalk paintings, featuring religious subjects, including the Madonna.

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2016 athletics champs

The grey skies seen above Massey Park certainly did not match the apprehension, excitement and adrenalin that filled the air at the Counties Manukau Athletics Championships.

Of the 28 competitors from Sancta Maria College​​, notable placings were Erica Lim who came first in Junior girls 100 and 200 metre sprints, Catherine Vaiangina who came first in the Senior girls discus, and Tristan Tualagi who also came in first in the Junior boys 200 metres, and second in the 100 metre sprints.

The action filled day ended with the Junior girls relay finishing in 3rd place and the Junior boys in 4th place.

Overall, it was a tough but successful day for all participants.


Gayle Lee