At a recent assembly, senior students were encouraged by motivational speaker Mr Billy Graham to try anything, find their passion, and develop themselves. A very entertaining speaker, Billy grew up as a champion boxer and is now guiding young men through his boxing academy at Naenae.

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The mood was as heavy as the rain that fell on the audience milling about in the yard of the Pop-up Globe Theatre. As we waited for the metaphorical curtains to rise and the play – Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet – to begin, most of us were clearly expressing their want to be someplace else; the chattering and obvious complaints filling the air like the blood that would soon be shed (but more on that later).

When the actors took the stage, applause was half-hearted. However, after an “audience member” was “executed” for his so called “unforgivable act” of using a mobile phone, things began to lighten up (unlike the weather).

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The SMC Senior A tennis team has lost their first match of the season, going down to St Peter’s College 7 matches to 2. Joshua Pereira, once again proved too strong for his opponents, winning his singles 6-0 and doubles with Rahul Brown, 6-4. Even though the boys lost the majority of the matches played, they gained a lot of valuable experience through playing against high quality opponents. The team’s next match is against Kings College this Saturday.

Sancta Maria College Tertiary Day

Thursday 10 March 2016

1.25pm – 2.15pm - Tertiary Expo for all Year 12 and 13 students

2.15pm – 3.00pm - Group Talks for interested Year 13 students

Don’t miss this ideal opportunity to talk directly to our main Tertiary Providers. This is ideal for exploring opportunities for further study.

The Expo will be in the main auditorium at lunchtime. Parents and Caregivers are welcome

2.15pm – 3.00pm – there will be two sets of 20 minute presentations

(See Careers for more information) 

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The heat and hot blistering sun filled Monday was Sancta Maria's school athletics day.  After a few rain checks due to weather, we finally had a day filled with sporting activities where students could choose to compete with others for some friendly competition or to do it socially to gain as msny house points as they can. Students were given different choices on a variety of sporting activities during the day leading up to the house races and relays.

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