The Hard Work of the J Rock Members

Tables overflowing with smooth, soft and creamy confections were soon crowded by swarming students and teachers who rushed to examine the aromatic goods in C Block courtyard.

Soon, decisions were made and the sweets were rapidly sold and devoured throughout Thursday and Friday interval and lunch.

The delicious baked foods were sold as a fundraiser for J Rock, which according to Ms Shen, one of the teachers in charge, is, “the junior version of Stage Challenge.” It is where young students compete with other schools in various dance forms in New Zealand.

The amount fundraised from these past two days will not be calculated until a later date. Hoeever, the money from the bake sales will go towards covering J Rock’s costs and expenses.

Bake sales at the college have not been the only fundraising initiatives from the group. A bake sale at the nearby Buddhist temple a few weeks ago, proved to be very successful. Raffle tickets for adults will also be sold at a later date to further raise money for the competition.

Members of J Rock have been working diligently for the competition which will be held in week 10 of this term at the Aotea Centre. With the teachers Mrs Croxford and Ms Shen, the group consists of 47 boys and girls from Years 7 and 8.

Not only is raising money and training important, but props and equipment are also needed. Four Year 8 boys have been working on the backdrop for the competition. Numerous hours have been spent already on the blue backdrop with the groups theme this year to, ‘never give up,’ painted in colours gradiating from light to darker hues.

With excellent progress being made in all areas, this year’s J Rock has already proven to be better and more successful than last years. Hopefully with the inspirational theme to, ‘never give up,’ the group will be triumphant this year, bringing back a victory for the College from the competition.

Zoe Chou