Year 11 BP Business Challenge

In just a short time period the Year 11 Commerce students were able to transform into young business men and women.

Over the course of 3 days, the students of Year 11 Commerce were lucky enough to participate in the BP Business Challenge. This allowed us to find out how much work goes into planning a business and how stressful it could be.

During Day 1 we were introduced to Wayne and Simon who were our mentors for the next three days. We then got put into groups to discuss the solutions to problems a normal student goes through every day, from tangled earphones to procrastination. We were challenged to create a product idea and create presentations and hilarious advertisements that we shared with the rest of the groups.

On Day 2 we split into our roles, whether it would have been production team or the CEO we got into the tasks we were assigned. After all the hard work producing more presentations and making prototypes of our products, we were able to participate in an auction. This allowed us to bid money that we earned from various activities such as logo competitions, so that we could have an expo site.

Day 3 was the most hectic but at the same time the most enjoyable day. Starting early into the school day we had to set up our expo sites before the judges arrived. When the judges came each group was able to deliver the business plans that they had worked on for the past two and a half days.

Everyone had so much fun delivering their presentations, but in the end there could only be one winner, which was Group 5’s company “Cheers Big Ears” who set up a fabulous presentation and a very well thought out product of retractable earphones.

At the end of the day, considering we only had two and a half days of work, we were all pretty proud of the outcomes of our presentations. We were all able to learn awesome things about being behind the scenes of a business.

Faith Cruz